Carly Fiorina Falls Off The Stage At A Campaign Rally – Ted Cruz Doesn’t Give A Flying F*ck

In a moment that will surely live on through the internet long after November, Carly Fiorina fell face first off the stage during a campaign rally in Indiana. Even more embarrassing, Ted Cruz didn’t seem to give a flying f*ck that his running mate had literally just dropped off the edge of the stage like his polls.

(Go ahead and laugh hysterically. I’ll wait. And yes, I’ll be burning in h*ll for laughing too.)

Last week, Ted Cruz hitched his broken wagon of a campaign to Carly Fiorina, who is the equivalent of the proverbial dead horse. They were campaigning in Indiana on Sunday night, and everything was basically par for the course. Fiorina introduced Cruz by gushing just a tad too hard about how much she loves Cruz, but at least this time she didn’t break out into song.

She finished her speech and the Texas senator walked onto the stage with his family. His wife and kids came out before him to join Fiorina on the teeny tiny stage that was packed shoulder to shoulder.

And then, it happened. One second Fiorina is there, and the next, she’s not.

(I’ll wait for the laughter to subside again.)

Cruz’s wife, Heidi, notices Fiorina doing a faceplant. You can clearly see the “Oh sh*t!” look on her face. Heidi reaches out to help the fallen VP hopeful up and an unidentified man comes running over to get Fiorina back up on the stage.

Cruz, who still couldn’t care less that his running mate just plummeted head first off the edge of the stage, just continues to flash his creepy smile and wave to the crowd.

You have to admit, the scene makes for one hell of an allegory. Just saying.

Here’s the full video for your viewing pleasure.

Featured image via video screen shot.

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