Carly Fiorina ‘Ambushed’ A Group Of Pre-Schoolers And Took Them To An Anti-Abortion Rally

Carly Fiorina is getting really desperate now. We’ve known for a while that the failed CEO turned Republican presidential candidate is struggling in the polls, which often causes these types to go into full panic mode.

As if launching the fake Planned Parenthood video attack wasn’t enough, now Fiorina stooped to a new low. This time, taking other people’s children to an anti-abortion rally without any consent whatsoever. Because clearly, four-year-olds need to witness talks about unborn fetuses and how doctors harvest body parts from aborted babies.

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Yes, she really talked about that with the four-year-olds at her feet.

The Guardian journalist Adam Gabbatt reported that she directed about 15 pre-schoolers into the front of the room. Fiorina even posted a video on her Twitter feed showing how she absconded with the young tots.

Chris Beck, father of one of the four-year-olds Fiorina ushered into the anti-abortion rally, is extremely displeased about his son’s forced participation and posted the following message on his Facebook page:

His post reads:

I don’t get political on Facebook for plenty of reasons but this just chaps my buns.

Carly Fiorina ambushes my son’s field trip to the Botanical Garden then reroutes them to the Iowa Right to Life forum. Yes, my 4 yr old son and I get to have a conversation about pro-life and abortion tonight b/c Carly wanted a good photo op. Thanks a lot. WTH.

During the rally, one activist held up a model of a fetus that was sucking its thumb and told the crowd, “This is the face of abortion.”

Among the many things said to the audience at the Iowa Right to Life event in Des Moines, Fiorina also said:

I think we’re being told to settle for a nation where record numbers of men are out of work, record numbers of women are living in poverty. We have a record number of abortions year after year after year.

Of course, according to Poliifact, this claim is false. The abortion rate is actually declining and has been since the early 1980s.

There’s nothing quite like lining up a bunch of pre-schoolers in front of you and spoon feeding them lies about a topic they shouldn’t even be aware of at their tender age.

In probably one of the most asinine statements ever made by a campaign spokesperson, the Fiorina camp said in an email to The Guardian:

“We were happy that these children chose to come to Carly’s event with their adult supervisor.”

Seriously? This group of four-year-olds who went to the gardens on a field trip CHOSE to attend Fiorina’s anti-abortion rally?

Right. . .

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