Candy Carson: Ben Chased Down Carjackers And Then Took Selfies With Them (VIDEO)

Oh Boy! As if Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson’s life weren’t already filled with questionable events, his wife has now released a book with even more absurdity.

Candy Carson sat down recently with Fox and Friends to discuss her newly released book depicting life with Carson.  During the interview, one of the hosts turned to Candy and asked her to recall the time they were carjacked. She seemed to pause a bit, before recalling the outlandish event:

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When he came out, he noticed that the car was starting to drive off. So he chased it and you know, caught up, and when the guys, they got out of the car, they put it in park. They said ‘Wait a minute, are you that doctor?’ They were shaking hands, taking pictures

This whole story, like many her husband previously fabricated, seems far-fetched. Who takes a photo with someone who tries to jack their car, better yet, what thief wouldn’t have driven off with the Jag? Earlier in the campaign run, Carson claimed to have had an anger problem as a youth and wanted to stab people. He also stated that he protected white youths from protesters in 1968, which failed to be substantiated. After people began to question his claims, he later related that the autobiography was not 100 percent accurate. I wonder if his wife has the same “colorful” imagination?

Watch the video below and see where she also recalls a story of him delivering a baby and using a roller clip to clip off the umbilical cord:

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