Can You Pass Trump’s Super ‘Murican Citizenship Test?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump recently said that if he becomes president he is going to institute a new super test for any immigrant that comes to the United States. According to the billionaire, our current vetting process — the one that takes two years — is just not good enough and he believes he can do it much better with his “extreme vetting.” So the editorial team at If You Only News has created a mock exam to show you what we think his new vetting process will look like.

Trump Super ‘Murican Test

1.Did you cheer on rooftops in New Jersey during 9/11?

2. Do you Muslim in your free time?

3. Do you think solid gold toilets are life?

4. Do you speak A. Mexican B. Mooslim C. Trumplish

5. Would you say you have an explosive temper?

6. Do public places make you more likely or less likely to wear a suicide vest?

7. If you could blow up one of the following, which would you choose? A School? A mall ? Or a government building?

8. How do you resolve anger? A. Behead infidels B. Plant roadside bombs C. Blow yourself up in an airplane?

9. Please repeat the following phrase out loud. “Death to America!”

10. Do you know what “Brexit” is? And could you explain it to President Trump using words he would understand?

11. Are you coming to America to A. Steal our jobs B. Live on welfare C. Destroy the Great Satan

12. How many of your children have been killed by American drones? A. 1 B. 2 C. All of them. How does this make you feel?

13. Would you describe your skin as A. Tan B. Very brown C. Trump orange D. Obama Kenyan black

14. Do you believe Trump is the most tremendous businessman in the world?

15. Should we A. Carpet bomb the Middle East B. Nuke the Middle East C. Steal the oil in the Middle East and then kill them all with very good bombs D. All of the above

16. Do you think the media is A. Unfair B. Very Unfair C. Should be eliminated

17. Do you think President Trump has a A. Good brain B. Very good brain

18. Does President Trump’s daughter Ivanka have a very nice figure? Should President Trump date her?

19. How many Muslims should President Trump bomb if President Trump bombs the Muslims?

20. Draw a portrait of President Trump and his perfect hair.

What do you think Trump’s test will look like? Give us your examples in the comment section below.

Featured image via  Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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