Can We Call HIM Deplorable?: Trump Fan Shows Off Disgustingly Violent Anti-Hillary Shirt (IMAGE)

Just one day after Hillary Clinton demolished Donald Trump at the first presidential debate (and in front of a record-breaking 80 million people, no less), Trump supporters seemed to be out looking for revenge.

At a rally held in Melbourne, Florida, Trump unilaterally declared victory in the debate before feigning sympathy for rising star MLB pitcher Jose Fernandez, who recently died at just 24 years old following a boating accident. The show of caring rose a few eyebrows from critics. Fernandez was a Hispanic refugee who fled Cuba, nearly died getting to Mexico and resettled in America. In short, he was everything Donald Trump has said was ruining America.

But many people couldn’t pay attention to what Trump was saying on stage. Trump’s fans were becoming a sideshow. In particular, this dude was strutting around in a shirt that shows just how deplorably Trump’s fans can be.

The reference was clear: This proud Trump voter wishes OJ Simpson murdered Hillary Clinton, rather than (allegedly) killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. He was so proud of the shirt that he posed for cameras to show it off.

Trump and his followers continue to use the term “deplorables” to brag about themselves, while pretending to be outraged that Clinton labeled them as such.

If it wasn’t clear already, it certainly is now that Hillary was more or less right when she described half of his fans being a “basket of deplorables” who bask in their racism, sexism and xenophobia. Far from disproving that theory, Trump fans have only become more dogged in proving that it’s true. One way to do it is to show up at a campaign rally with a shirt that advocates for the murder of your candidate’s political opponent.

It also supports the theory that when Trump “jokes” about killing Hillary Clinton (which he has done twice in recent months), many of his followers either don’t get the joke or don’t want to. For some, including Melbourne’s biggest asshole up there, they take it literally. And that’s scary.

Featured image via Twitter

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