California Politicians May Soon Have To Don The Logos Of Their Corporate Donors

I’ve always said that Congress is a lot like Nascar; both get paid well to crash. The only difference, of course, is that Congress doesn’t wear all the corporations they represent on their suits like Nascar drivers do. Well, they might soon become a reality in the state of California. .

Altria. Chevron. AT&T. These are all billion dollar multi-national corporations that shape the US consumer economy. However, they’re also  among the corporations that donated the most money to California state Assemblyman William Brough. Brough is certainly not alone in taking part in this corporate orgy. Thnks to Citizens United, we now live in a political system where you can purchase the best congressman or senator that money can buy.

But that incredibly corrupt and unseemly reality might soon be put to rest if one daring California lawyer has it his way.

Meet John Cox, a California-based lawyer and activist businessman. Cox is fighting to require legislators to walk into their assembly chamber wearing the logos of the corporations they represent. Well alright, alright, alright!

Cox is very serious about this noble idea making its way onto the ballot for November, a goal that will be made possible by gathering 365,880 signatures. It seems that goal is taking place as we speak following the state attorney general approving the petition earlier this month. The nonprofit running the campaign, California Is Not for Sale, has already committed $1 million for the project.

What a world, huh? We have to spend money in order to defeat big money. 

The group is also traveling the state with life-size cutouts for all 120 members of the California Senate and Assembly and one for Gov. Jerry Brown. Each cardboard politician’s torso is adorned with his or her most significant backers, like NASCAR sponsors on a driver’s racing suit.

This will be on the ballot in 2016. That is our guarantee, the organization says on its website. The only question is whether Californians will vote ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ We think that it will be ‘yes’ by an overwhelming majority.

California might be stuck in a massive drought, but they might soon stop ‘making it rain’ in elections. That’s one drought that’s sorely needed.

Featured image via California Is Not for Sale

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