BUSTED: U.S. Defense Contractors Caught Admitting ISIS Is Great For Their Bottom Line (AUDIO)

The American Military Industrial Complex has never been more honest about war profiteering than in the recording below. At a Credit Suisse conference in West Palm Beach this week, representatives of major defense war contractors honestly discussed their true colors. Lockheed-Martin Executive Vice President Bruce Tanner was describing the benefits that they will see from the war in Syria, and he even sounded giddy about a Russian fighter jet being shot down in the region, because the bigger the war, the greater their shareholder profits will be.

The defense contractors all talked about massive profit potential and did not distinguish between allied and non-allied customers. They implied very heavily that instability in the middle east, and other areas, was simply “good business”.

This is all happening while Republicans everywhere keep trying to take away old people’s social security, food stamps and veteran’s benefits. It’s why the Military Industrial Complex spends so much money buying elections for Republicans. U.S. “defense” spending is projected to surpass 2015 levels and hit over 600 billion in 2016, and they all want a huge bite of that pie.

One particular area mentioned was Yemen, which is engaged in an extremely messy civil war that is also a proxy fight with Iran. They just do not care if American military hardware gets delivered into the civil war of another nation, even if it falls into the hands of terrorists as a result.

Also lauded was the much criticized F35 fighter jet, which has been described in virtually every circle outside of Washington as a trillion-dollar boondoggle. This is the fighter jet that has had nearly 400 billion spent on it so far, has yet to actually work properly, and is estimated to run well over one trillion in total costs for the life of the program. Of course, they are seeing a projected increase in demand for these, which have a price tag of 160 million per plane. Did I mention they still do not work correctly?

This tweet gives a very good example of why terrorism is something the corporate owners of America do not want “defeated.”

Hearing the very matter-of-fact and emotionless way that these people talk about war as a positive opportunity is enough to make you sick. However, they never intended for you to hear it, so that explains a lot.

Listen to the leaked audio they didn’t want the public to hear below:

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