BUSTED! Trump Tried To Pass Off This Random Black Family As His Fans And They. Are. Furious!

Trump is quite possibly his own worst enemy. His obsessive need to send out tweets without thinking them through first have made a PR nightmare for him even worse.

On Friday, Trump, trying to convince his crowd of racist followers that The Blacks love him, pointed to a black (“A” as in “singular”) supporter and bellowed, “Look at my African-American over there!” Donald Trump took the common claim “Some of my best friends are black” and somehow made it even more racist.

After being widely mocked for his even-more-embarrassing-than-usual gaffe, Trump took to Twitter to prove that, indeed, The Blacks love him by retweeting a picture of a black family that allegedly supports The Don:

It didn’t take people long to notice that the picture (since deleted) is not actually of a family of Trump supporters. The reality is that photo came from the 27th annual Midwest Black Family Reunion and was posted online by WCPO.com in 2015:

Image via WCPO screen capture

Image via WCPO screen capture


The Perry family, the nice people and some of their friends, in the photo ,were not amused by Trump’s attempt to use them as camouflage:


Eddie Perry, who lives in Cincinnati, told BuzzFeed News his family has previously attended several of the Midwest Black Family Reunion Events and he remembers having his photograph taken last year. “It was no big deal,” he said.

On Saturday morning, however, a friend texted him a screenshot of Trump’s tweet. “When I saw it, I immediately knew it was political propaganda,” he said.

“Why use it without asking for someone’s permission?” he asked. “Why use our image without asking?

Why? Because, to be blunt, Trump is a pathological liar. Even though the picture was pulled down, the tweet is still up because Trump couldn’t care less that it was fake. This is the end result of a lifetime of sycophants kissing his ass. He literally does not care what the truth is because he’s so used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it with no one daring to say no to him.

Unfortunate, telling the Black community that they love him doesn’t actually make it so and when they show up in force this coming November to say “No!” to a Trump presidency, Trump will be very confused, followed shortly by explosive rage.

Those tweets are going to be magnificent and I can’t wait!

Image via WCPO screen capture

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