BUSTED : Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat Spotted In Tom Brady’s Locker (PHOTO)

Serial cheater and all-around douchebro, Tom Brady, was recently outed for being a Donald Trump supporter.

The news came via Twitter when an intrepid investigator snapped a pic of the evidence sitting reverently, in Brady’s locker in Gillette Stadium.

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Barstool Sports was the outlet that broke the story and grabbed the image of it Saturday:

Barstool Sports

Tom Brady Loves Trump. Photo: Courtesy of Barstool Sports https://twitter.com/FeitsBarstool/status/640198529454080001

There it was. A Donald Trump campaign hat!

Tom Brady has a lot in common with Trump. Both are “anchor husbands”, for example.

It is rather amazing that Brady, who is married to Brazilian model Gisele Bündchenis just fine with the idea of him being an “anchor husband” for his immigrant wife. Clearly, the fact she is from South America, where all those other “illegals” come from, was somehow unknown to Brady as well. I imagine that Trump is fine with it though, because rich white idiots can import immigrant wives and marry them to anchor them to America. Trump himself, has been an anchor husband twice and will probably do it again when he trades in his current plastic wife for a younger model.

Trump has been in love with Brady for a long time now, expressing his undying support in his cheating legacy with the New England Patriots. Most recently, Trump engaged in a full on love-fest for him during the “Deflategate” scandal, where Brady and the Patriots cheated their way to the Superbowl by using under-inflated footballs during their games.

The Trump Campaign had little response other than acknowledging that Trump and Brady had a long-standing friendship.

The hat is definitely authentic looking, due to it having the same color scheme and the rope brim, which is exactly like the one trump wears only in a white color.

It is sickening to see publicly funded, tax exempt entities like the NFL feeling they can make political statements this way. However, Brady gets the fortune of multiple lifetimes of regular people every year just to cheat at football and be have a privileged high school jock attitude about it. You can see why he and Trump are so close.

Featured image via Flickr (altered)

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