BUSTED: Rachel Maddow Might Have Cost Republicans Millions With This SCATHING Report (VIDEO)

There really is a special place in Hell for people who scam the elderly. They are one of the most vulnerable segments of our society, and also one that can least afford to fall prey to the despicable individuals who would rob them of their money. There is a new con that is targeting literally millions of them, as Rachel reports below.

As you may have already guessed, this new fraudulent scam is originating at the highest levels of the Republican party, and designed to exploit the elderly the most.

This is not an exaggeration! They literally are doing this nationwide in a mail scam, scaring people into sending money to the Republican National Committee. Rachel Maddow blew the top off this scandalous fraud on her show in an absolutely BRILLIANT bit of reporting that shows exactly how they are doing it, which you can see below.

We all might have Republican family members. There’s a good chance many of them are elderly people. While we might not agree with their politics, we still don’t want to see them preyed upon. Watch below as Rachel covers every detail of what to be on the lookout for to prevent it from happening to someone you care about.

Watch Rachel expose one of the worst things you will see all year:

Featured image via video screen capture

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