BUSTED: Planned Parenthood ‘Scandal’ Video Caught Using Pic Of Miscarriage WITHOUT Permission

As anyone who has watched political news in the past month knows, Republicans and Carly Fiorina in particular are tearing the skin off their own faces in a fit of rage regarding completely fake and debunked Planned Parenthood “scandal” videos.

Going into all the ways these have been debunked is completely unnecessary. By now everyone has heard the story enough times. However, what you might not have seen yet, is that a portion of the video is using pictures of a premature miscarriage STOLEN from the mother, after she posted them online and used WITHOUT her permission. These were not pictures of an abortion, viable fetus, or anything to do with fetal tissue or organ harvesting.

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Yes, Republicans and their paid propaganda producers care so much about women and fetuses, yet they do not care about using, possibly illegally, media of a woman’s miscarriage she decided to use to tell her own story. How Christ-like their compassion is…

Warning: This is a link to the mother’s blog. It does have some mildly graphic pictures of  her miscarried child. You can view her story HERE

If you follow this link it will take you to one of many websites, using a still image from one of the debunked Planned Parenthood videos which is the exact same image you can see on Lexi’s blog.

If you choose not to follow the links above, the summary is that The Center For Medical Progress (the radical group that made the fake Planned Parenthood videos) is stealing fetal medical-related images, and using them to completely lie about Planned Parenthood while forcing parents who lost a child during birth to re-visit their grief in a very public way.


They stole the pictures of a mother’s miscarriage and are using it in a piece of abortion propaganda, completely lying about literally everything, yet Republicans still want to spend millions of dollars “investigating”.


The mother, Lexi Oliver Fretz, also comments regarding this issue on her facebook page.


And there we have it. Carly Fiorina and literally every other Republican are proving just how impossibly stupid they are in believing this nonsense and trash once again. Somewhere an entire planet full of villages is missing all of their idiots, and they came here to be the Republican party.

There has been little response from the Right as of yet about this newest truth bomb. The expectation is that they will completely ignore this and if questioned on it by any media source anywhere, they will immediately change the subject to how Obama hates America and wants the terrorists to win.

Featured Image: Screen Capture courtesy of Oliver Willis

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