Busted: Here’s Who Is Responsible For The Epic Airplane Troll Of Trump At The Rose Parade

The skies over the Rose Parade in Los Angeles Friday were filled with win when an airplane artist wrote out “Anyone But Trump” with puffy white smoke. The internet erupted with glee and immediately the search was on for who was responsible for such an awesome gesture.

Luther Stan Pate IV, an Alabama real estate developer and billionaire, is responsible for the message that unifies a nation against the worst we have to offer; those crawling out of the woodwork to support Donald Trump. It would be nice if Pate were a Democratic party supporter reminding people that Trump would be a disaster for this country. Unfortunately, he’s the exact opposite.

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Pate is a personal donor to Senator Marco Rubio, making the skywriting that much more interesting. If support for Rubio is the message here, isn’t the message that he only qualifies as “anything but?” Are we supposed to accept Marco Rubio for being the most conveniently young and vibrant of the GOP group of fools, none of whom has the experience necessary to run a country?

That’s not going to happen. Rubio is hoping to be the last one hanging on when Trump finally gives up so he can collect the Koch war chest and fulfill his dreams. He’s already said he’s not going back to the senate. He wants the big chair. Sure, he’s the least qualified, but in certain lights he kinda looks like Jimmy Smits, so there’s that.

At least he has enthusiastic supporters. Millions of people have seen the image of the bright blue sky right there above the grandstand just filled with those glorious letters. It reveals a sentiment that more and more Americans are clinging to as the reality of someone like Trump anywhere near the White House becomes unbearable to think about.


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