BUSTED: Here Is How Carly Fiorina Profited More From Fetal Tissue Than Planned Parenthood Ever Did

Corporate documents obtained by Al Jazeera America show that Carly Fiorina, who has been bleeding from the eyes over the completely fake Planned Parenthood videos for months, personally profited in a substantial way from fetal tissue research. Yes, these profits were from the same “baby parts” that she claims Planned Parenthood has been “trafficking illegally.”

Huge surprise right? Yet another Republican has personally crucified themselves in a fit of rage over something they have personally done and/or benefited from. SHOCKING!

Ray Suarez reported:

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Carly Fiorina, a staunch opponent of abortion, made at least $83,000 serving on the board of directors of Merck & Co. at a time when the pharmaceutical company was producing vaccines using fetal stem cell lines derived from aborted fetuses.

She served on Merck’s board from April of 1999 through December of 2000, according to Merck’s SEC filings from the time. In addition to the $83,000 Fiorina received over her two years on the board, the company’s SEC filings indicate she was to receive an additional $1,200 for each board meeting she attended.

Source: Samuel Warde

Fiorina also defended the use of fetal stem cells when she was running against California Senator Barbara Boxer during her dismal failure of a 2010 Senate campaign. The Los Angeles Times reported that at the time, Fiorina said she was comfortable with the use of federal funds to conduct research using adult stem cells as well as embryos that would have otherwise been destroyed. Since all life begins at fertilization, according to her and every other rabid Republican, her flip flop on these issues is astounding – especially considering that she was ok with federal funds being involved with “murdered children.”

Nothing about this is surprising, since every Republican panders to whatever they need to in order to secure fame, votes, book deals or whatever their true motivation is. However, considering Fiorina’s explosive rage over fantasies of things that don’t exist in videos that were proven fake, her previous positions defy logic.

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