BUSTED: Glenn Beck Caught Using Fake George Washington Book As Ted Cruz Campaign Gimmick

Ted Cruz has been getting some “help” from looney tunes Glenn Beck during his campaign for president, which seems to be backfiring on him sooner than expected. Beck has been dragging around a copy of Don Quixote on the campaign trail, waving it about every chance he gets and claiming that it was owned by George Washington.

How exactly a book that may or may not have been owned by someone some 200 years ago has ANYTHING to do with Ted Cruz is beyond me, but then again Republicans are pretty simple-minded. I’m sure waving around shiny objects really works for them.

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Unsurprisingly, Glenn Beck is waving around a book that is as fraudulent as he is. Mount Vernon proved that it’s a FAKE.

The museum at Mount Vernon, which is Washington’s former home, showed photographic proof that the real book is still housed in the rare books vault at the National Library for the Study of George Washington.

Glenn Beck – Idiot with too much money on his hands

The first inclination is to laugh at Glenn Beck because he is such a sucker that he bought a fake copy (probably for a lot of money) of an allegedly George Washington-owned book. However, knowing it’s Glenn Beck, there’s every reason to believe he knows it’s fake and has just been lying about it all this time. The guy is a con-artist that makes money fleecing the public by claiming God talks to him and spouting conspiracy theory-inspired lies. It’s no stretch of the imagination to picture him intentionally using fake props in the shows he puts on for dumb Republican voters.

Neither Glenn Beck or Ted Cruz have responded to requests for comment by the media as of yet. Something tells me that Beck will be suddenly bookless from here on, though.

Featured image via Free Republic

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