Busted: Donald Trump Has His Own DIRTY Email Scandal He Secretly Quashed

Donald Trump has been going after Hillary Clinton’s potentially criminal email scandal for quite some time. But the likelihood of the most powerful and well-established Democratic Presidential Candidate in the country actually facing jail time is about as likely as deporting 11 million people. According to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, rather than bring criminal charges, the FBI  will “push for concessions from the new Clinton government in exchange for its lack of indictment.” Of course, this all remains to be seen.

But lost in all of this Clinton email controversy is an email scandal involving Trump.

In its quest to smack the orange smug off Trump, USA Today has been digging into thousands of lawsuits involving Donald Trump. The news organization’s  latest discovery is that Trump faced his own deleted email quandary. Worse still,  a Trump-owned business was actually the plaintiff in the lawsuit.

According to USA Today, the suit was filed in 2004 by Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts. The company claimed a former employee had the idea to work with a Native American tribe in Florida to build a casino. However, instead of building that casino with Trump, the employee took the idea to other developers and completed the project with them.

Trump does dirty and underhanded sh*t; it’s what makes him Trump. So what does any of this have to do with emails and why should you care?

During the court hearings, the defendants said if the Trump claims were, in fact, true, there would be a series of emails to substantiate them. Therefore,  the judge ordered Trump Hotels to hand over emails and documents. Incredulously enough, a Trump Hotels lawyer told the judge: “My understanding from speaking to my client is that there are no emails. They don’t keep emails from the time period from ’96 until within the last couple of years.” The judge was flabbergasted.

I was a bit incredulous that an organization of that significance doesn’t do email, said the presiding Judge.  I had heard a number of things in 24 years on the bench, but that stuck in my mind.

One might even say that Trump industries are as big and vast as the State Dept itself. Okay, maybe that’s a hyperbole. But one has to call bullsh*t here.

Not surprisingly, Trump’s company did what it always does: settled the case with the defendants before the judge made any rulings related to the deleted emails and the accusations the company had destroyed evidence.There are just oh so many things with which to attack Trump (like just replaying his own comments), but perhaps this might come up at some point in the Clinton campaign.

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