BUSTED: 4 Republican Senators Caught As (Alleged) Affiliates Of The KKK

Thanks to hactivist “Amped Attacks,” who is famous for hacking into multiple ISIS websites, we now know that at least four Republican members of the United States Senate are affiliates with the domestic terrorist group the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

No wonder Republicans say racism is over — they’re trying to distract from the fact their leaders are members of the most notorious racist group in American history.

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Amped Attacks, after hacking into multiple KKK websites, was able to find through email records that Senators Thom Tillis (North Carolina), Dan Coates (Indiana), Johnny Isakson (Georgia) and John Cornyn (Texas), as well as four mayors across the country.

Tillis, who beat Senate incumbent Kay Hagan last November, is a member of the United Northern and Southern Knights of the KKK based out of Thornton, North Carolina. This is the same guy who said Blacks and Latinos were replacing “traditional culture.” Coates is also a member of the same KKK group as Tillis.

Cornyn, Majority Whip of the Senate ad thus a member of leadership, is an affiliate of the United White Knights of the KKK. Isakson was found to be an affiliate with the Original Knight Riders of the KKK. He is up for re-election next November.

Amped Attacks exposed his findings in a new post on the document-dumping site Pastebin.

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As the mayors of these cities have flatly denied any involvement with the notorious racially motivated group, Senators Tillis, Coates, Isakson and Cornyn have been mum.

Republicans accuse the Democrats of playing the race card – with Black Lives Matter, calling out policy brutality, etc — maybe now they’ll see why, considering racists are their elected officials. Colin Powell was right…there is still a dark vein of racism in the GOP.

If the allegation prove true, resignations better be in order.


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