Bush’s Sinking Ship Makes New Campaign Promise: To ‘Eliminate’ Citizens United Ruling

Talk about biting the hand that feeds. Jeb Bush, he of the sinking ship campaign, made yet another campaign proclamation on Monday, saying he’d “eliminate” the infamous Citizens United ruling that helped make SuperPACs possible.

Of course, the campaign almost immediately started walking back on the comment, because we all know that Bush’s campaign exists entirely because of SuperPACs. After all, it certainly isn’t the good will of the people and the popularity of his family name that keeps him afloat, nor is it the man’s scintillating charisma or intellect.


Poor Jeb Bush; he’s not had an easy campaign. As one of the few candidates who made something that resembled sense in the last several debates, Bush is of course relegated to the fringes. Money can’t win it for him. Mass appeal based on his well-known family name can’t win it for him. Even his mommy can’t win it for him (seriously, who the hell OKed that ad?)

Trump has been there every step of the way, dogging Bush for just about everything he does. Bush’s campaign is now at the “throw everything against the wall and hope something sticks” phase, but in the process, he accidentally drew the ire of his corporate puppet masters.

While speaking with CNN’s Dana Bash, Bush said something that would be excellent policy:

If I could do it all again I’d eliminate the Supreme Court ruling. This is a ridiculous system we have now where you have campaigns that struggle to raise money directly and they can’t be held accountable for the spending of the super PAC that’s their affiliate.

This is a great idea. And it sounds like something Sanders has said from the beginning — but not Bush, since these are the people who buoyed his campaign with $117.6 million.

Unfortunately, Bush pulled the muscles of a few key donors with that stretch, and the digital ether had barely silenced the echo before his campaign communications director, Tim Miller, was walking back on it, according to MSNBC reporter Benjy Sarlin:


And, of course Donald Trump weighed in on Twitter, as well:


Sad is the attempt to get his mother to give him a ringing endorsement and failing. This is just ironic desperation.

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