Bush’s Secretary Of State BLASTS The GOP’s Opposition To Obama’s Gitmo Plan (VIDEO)

Since elected in 2008, Obama has made it clear that he plans to close Guantanamo Bay but for the past seven years he has been unable to secure an agreement with Congress. Now that the end of his Presidency is fast approaching, he’s making one final attempt to reach an agreement. On Tuesday, he submitted what is likely his final closure plan to Congress.

As they usually do with anything Obama proposes, Republicans were quick to oppose Obama’s plan, but one Republican is all for it and is speaking out about it. In an interview with MSNBC on Wednesday, Colin Powell made his opinion clear:

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Do we really need to keep this place open for 50 remaining detainees who we can easily move to a secure facility in the United States?

He went on to say that Republicans like Senator McCain and Senator Graham “have always been in favor of closing Guantanamo” and that if they don’t like the President’s plan, they should “demand” one that satisfies their needs, rather than oppose without discussing it. In other words, Republicans need to quit screwing around and come to an agreement so that the President is not forced to sign an executive order.

I think it’s in the best interest in the nation and it’s in the best interest in our moral authority around the world.

Watch the video and listen to Colin Powell’s phone interview here:

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