WATCH: Jeb Bush Tries To ‘Preemptively Strike’ Hillary’s Campaign And Fails Miserably (VIDEO)

What is it with the Bush’s and preemptive strikes? They all seem to do them, and they all seem to fail. It started with Bush Sr.when he decided to preemptively strike the media by trying to be tough in his 1988 Presidential campaign. We all remember, “Read my lips, no new taxes!”

Then of course, reality returned after his election, and he had to sheepishly agree to tax hikes tokeep the government from going broke. So much for that preemtive strike.

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Then came Dubya. He famously decided to ignore the cooler heads in the room and preemptively strike Iraq, and I don’t need to tell anyone how that all turned out. <sigh>

So it should come as no surprise that Jeb Bush would go ahead and preemptively strike Hillary Clinton. And just like his brother and father before him, his strike is a colossal failure.

Why is it a colossal failure? Here’s why.

Jeb starts out by parroting old GOP talking points about foreign policy. He uses the old “respected by our allies and feared by our enemies” line and throws in a cliche jab of saying Clinton has “damaged our relationships with our allies and emboldened our enemies.”

Really Jeb? I don’t think anything has damaged our relationships with the world as much as the brother that you say you are “so proud of” when he decided to lead everyone into the quagmire of Iraq. Your family’s cowboy diplomacy and shoot from the hip foreign policy is the cause of a lot of our current foreign policy woes, directly or indirectly. We can do better? Sorry Jeb, we’ve been cleaning up a conservative mess for 6 years. We might be able to do better going forward, but we certainly don’t need to go back. And looking over at the team of advisers you have chosen, under your regime going back would be the only logical course since it’s all the same old faces.

Oh, and by the way, your rhetoric to begin with is flat out false. As If You Only News has recently reported, for the 7th straight year, President Obama is the world’s most admired man. I don’t think we can do better than that. Oh, and in the same gallup poll, Hillary wins it for women.

But someone doesn’t have to be a Hillary Clinton supporter to see that or know that throwing a Bush and the old faces around him back on the field isn’t the way to build on that success. It would be running east looking for a sunset.

Jeb then goes on to try to take a generic shot at Hillary on the domestic front. He says we can “do better” there, too. Jeb goes right back into the GOP talking point woodshed and pulls out the “big government” tool and speaks of “real growth and prosperity.”

Okay, Jeb, i’m gonna have to stop you right there. Let’s compare what has happened under democratic leadership and your family’s GOP years. Hillary’s beau brought America about 23 million jobs and an era that is regarded by most experts as some of the best economic years for any nation ever. The Obama years saw our President stop an economy in a tailspin, and through calm and prudent leadership and policies, turned our nation back around to where our unemployment is low, the stock market is setting records, and confidence is growing among America’s consumers.

And you don’t have to take my word for it. Just look at a couple of charts like these:



As you can see. People are working and companies are making money just fine. We now need to get some of those profits back into the people’s hands. And as history has taught, the anti-union, pro-business over anything GOP has not been the place to go to get a raise. Republicans are against raising the minimum wage and some just want to abolish the idea of a minimum wage all together. Republicans don’t want everyone to have health insurance as it upsets their billionaire donor overlords. You say you want prosperity for all, Jeb? Then you might want to leave the GOP, because they are not the team to deliver prosperity to anyone below the executive level.

And again, one doesn’t have to be gung ho for Hillary to see that.

Jeb finishes with emphasizing “conservative ideas” are what he believes in. I wonder if he means the economic ideas like his brother had in giving all the rich people irresponsible tax breaks and taking the budget from a surplus (under Clinton leadership) to trillions in deficits ( under Bush leadership). Or does he mean the ideas that conservatives tote around like hatred and bigotry towards minorities and the LGBT community? Ideas that keep everyone who isn’t at the country club down?

It is a miserable failure indeed.

And you can see it here and see if you agree that this is NOT what America needs in 2016:

And for comparison, here’s Hillary’s kick off video that was released on social media earlier today. And you don’t have to be a big Hillary supporter to see that Jeb missed the mark on his “preemptive strike” by a country mile.

Watch HERE:





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