Bush Proves To Be #BlackLivesMatter’s Contestant #2, Interrupted At Nevada Town Hall (VIDEO)

For all the folks wondering why #BlackLivesMatter hasn’t interrupted any other candidates other than Bernie Sanders, well now they have – although by the looks of it, the group may have been made up more of allies than actual #BlackLivesMatter members. According to the Netroots Nation Facebook page Wednesday night, that seems to be the case, too, stating that protestors were also made up of immigration activists and Planned Parenthood advocates.

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush was the target this time. He had to call his town hall gathering quits early, Wednesday, after activists chanting “BLACK LIVES MATTER!” shut him down, lending credit to the point many made after outrage erupted following the most recent interruption of Bernie Sanders by activists in Seattle, which was that Bernie has been the only candidate to be interrupted so far because the other candidates were simply not having rallies like Sanders has been doing.

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Because he was the most accessible the earliest, it seemed at first Sanders was, in some folks’ eyes, being unfairly targeted. Now folks can see that no candidate will be free from such disruptions in the name of justice, and that is as it should be.

So can we stop weeping for Bernie already and begin to simply take in the message #BlackLivesMatter is trying to get mainstream, white America to listen to? Bernie will be all right. Hell, at the rate he’s going he may just win the presidency, and that will be no easy task, overcoming Hillary Clinton.

According to Raw Story, the disruption forced Bush to leave the North Las Vegas event without closing the gathering with his signature statement.

Wasn’t North Vegas where Hunter S. Thompson wrote the crooked bastards, freaks and rejects were banished after screwing up one too many times?

North Vegas is where you go when you’ve f*cked up once too often on the Strip, and when you’re not even welcome in the cut-rate downtown places around Casino Center.

That’s where Jeb’s decided to give his run for President of the United States the old college try.

The L.A. Times reports “dozens” of activists tied to the movement repeatedly chanted, “BLACK LIVES MATTER!” in the course of the event, while holding their hands up in a stopping gesture. Two such protestors had been kicked out from the get-go, never even making it inside the speaking engagement, for shouting the same chant.

In response to the BLM demonstrators, it should come as no surprise that Jeb’s audience did not take too kindly, returning “ALL LIVES MATTER!” and “WHITE LIVES MATTER!” chants of their own.

This is our country – literally a town hall where a leader stands there speechless and opposing sides are chanting at each other, “BLACK LIVES MATTER!” and right back “WHITE LIVES MATTER!” What is wrong with our country? What is wrong with so many white people? Where are their heads? Seriously. We have so far to go…

Bush may have been a little taken aback by the activists interrupting his talk, though, too, as he claims to have met with some members earlier that same day to talk over “barriers to upward mobility,” such as the criminal justice system. Apparently those present during that chat weren’t too happy with what they heard, as Bush can be seen fielding a question on institutional racism from at least one member of the audience. One woman asks Bush:

When my son steps out every day, I don’t know if he’s gonna step back in because of racial tension. How do you relate to that?

He doesn’t, of course, but Jeb takes a stab at it all the same by saying:

I relate to it by, as president, trying to create a society where there is civility and understanding. And to encourage mayors, leaders at the local level, to engage so that there’s not despair and isolation in communities.

Don’t you just love how candidates slip that “as president” in there, like they’re trying to warm you up to the idea of them being president?

Bush added, though:

With all due respect, a child that is educated, that believes that their chances of going to college, living a life of purpose and meaning, is important.

Sure, that sounds good for the cameras, kind of, but everyone knows it’s just a shill, politician’s response. Jeb doesn’t give a damn about #BlackLivesMatter and social justice. He gives a damn about winning the presidency.

You can see Bush fielding questions from the audience, here, and you can catch some footage of the protest, below:

Which candidate will be next, and will any of them learn how to embrace #BlackLivesMatter disruptions, as well as the movement, itself, or will they all just flounder, surrender and move on to the next speaking engagement?

First one to figure it out wins the Oval Office.

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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