Unwelcome Bundy Militia May Be Taking Their Sideshow Rebellion On The Road

So it looks like the losers from Broke-Ass Mountain are up to their same old stupid tricks.  Recently they were all angry after they became a national joke as people from all over the country started mailing them sex toys instead of the “French Vanilla creamer” they so desperately needed to sustain their idiotic rebellion. Now, the Bundy Militia, who claimed to be the strident champion of the people — that was until the community started demanding they leave — are now throwing a hissy fit and looking for a new homeland to claim as their own — and they may have found it.

On Sunday, the man named “Constitutional Sheriff of the Year” by the anti-government group CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association) Sheriff Glenn Palmer showed his support for Bundy’s cause in an interview with The Oregonian/OregonLive. Palmer who is the ardent anti-government sheriff in the neighboring Grant County was more than sympathetic to Bundy’s imaginary battle against the forces of tyranny. In the interview Sheriff Palmer stated that  “the government is going to have to concede something”.

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This seems like an odd ideology coming from a law enforcement officer who is trained to be a strong believer in not negotiating with terrorists. I wonder if the Bundy Militia were black, Muslim or latino if the good sheriff would be so accommodating? Probably not, but then again it’s easy to negotiate with terrorists when you may be considering becoming one yourself, as made evident in a meeting between Sheriff Palmer and Ryan Payne who is one of the leaders of the Bundy Militia.

Although the details of the meeting are held secret by the parties involved, Ryan Payne did reveal this about his interaction with Sheriff Palmer:

We shared similar ideas about where we’re at, the sheriff has a practical plan for helping unravel the federal government.

A laughable thought that Bundy and his “not ready for prime time revolutionaries” can “unravel the federal government” when they cannot even get their own community to support them or secure the endorsement of the Hammonds whom the militia says they are there to protect.

With little to no support among the people of Harney County, Bundy has stated he will be holding a public meeting on Tuesday to make known the militia’s next move.

Does this mean Bundy will do what all great opportunists do when they have worn out their welcome and take their little revolutionary sideshow on the road to set up shop in the more militia friendly Grant County? Or will the group of misfit militiamen dig their heels in even deeper until they get the bloodbath they seem to be hoping for, making them martyrs to a very small group of anti-government extremist?

At this point, there seems to be no outcomes that don’t end in the violence and death that Bundy clan determine to achieve through their little faux rebellion.

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Featured image via Gage Skidmore

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