Buffalo Bills Head Coach Gave The Most Bizarre Trump Intro EVER (VIDEO)

Donald Trump held a rally in Buffalo, New York on Monday and was introduced by Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan. Ryan is now making headlines for giving the most bizarre introduction ever.

The Bills head coach started by saying:

Obviously, we all know I’m not a politician. I’m not a public speaker. I’m just a football coach.

He then promptly proved that he had no business speaking in public. The coach went into a long story about Donald Trump when he owned the New Jersey Generals of the defunct United States Football League (USFL). By the way, Trump is often credited with destroying the entire USFL — it was one of his most embarrassing business ventures, but I digress.

Business Insider summed up Ryan’s strange NJ Generals story:

As the story goes, after the Generals gave the ball to a fullback over the team’s star running back, Herschel Walker, at the goal line, Trump called down to the field with a warning.

“The conversation went like this,” Ryan said. “‘The next time you give the ball to Maurice Carthon instead of Herschel Walker, you’re fired!’ That is a true story.

After his random, seemingly never-ending spiel about 1980s football, Ryan said something we hear many of Trump’s “poorly educated” supporters say:

He’ll say what’s on his mind. You’ll see people that want to say the same thing, but the big difference is they don’t have the courage to say it.Donald Trump certainly has the courage to say it.

Apparently, he believes that having the courage to make an ass of yourself every single day, makes him qualified to run the entire country.

As a native of Buffalo and a longtime fan of the Buffalo Bills, I listened to our head coach speak and thought,”Ahhh man, We are NEVER going to win a Super Bowl with this dumbass leading the team.” Maybe one day we will come back from our four (in a row) Super Bowl losses, but not with this nutjob coach. *SIGH*

Watch his strange speech:

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