Bruce Campbell Calls BS On This Picture Conservatives Claim Shows Assault On Trump Fan (IMAGES)

Everything Donald Trump says is a lie and that’s pretty much all you need to know about him. But that certainly won’t stop him and his supporters from continuing to shovel it down rational people’s throats 24/7. Much like a cockroach, you just have to stomp on it whenever you see it.

Case in point, Ash vs. Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell was forced to take to Twitter to set the record straight about a photo making the rounds on social media, which was alleged to have portrayed a Donald Trump supporter after being beaten by liberal protesters.

There’s just one tiny problem: It’s total bullsh*t


Samara Weaving, an up-and-coming actress who plays a minor role in Campbell’s Ash Vs The Evil Dead on Starz, was none too pleased about the photo she posted a year ago on Instagram being used for political gain.



That’s not to say there hasn’t been violence between Trump supporters and anti-Trump supporters. For example, violence broke out at a Trump rally last week in San Jose, California after anti-Trump demonstrators targeted the event’s attendees and police. But this is yet another cheap stunt that we have come to expect from Donald Trump and his million moron Army.

And this is but a tiny sample of the mountainous pile of bull sh*t that’s yet to come.

Featured image via Twitter

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