Brown Campaign: Use Of James Foley Image In Save America Now Dirty Campaign Ad ‘Inappropriate’

The Scott Brown campaign is calling an attack ad against Brown’s opponent in the 2014 election, New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen, “inappropriate” for including images of journalist James Foley moments before his grizzly beheading by ISIS last August, according to

The ad is only 16 seconds long, but in that short time does quite a lot to soil itself in dirty politics, offending the Foley family along the way. As noted by the Shaheen campaign, the Foley family has stated from the start that they do not approve of the use of Foley’s image in ads. Foley’s images were recently taken out of anti-Islamic ads that had been displayed on the sides of New York City buses, for instance, at the insistence of the Foley.

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This latest ugly ad pushes for Shaheen to “stop ignoring our border crisis,” flashing an image of Foley blindfolded on his knees in an orange jumpsuit – the infamous picture circulated by the media around the time of his assassination.

The campaign video goes on to state:

While radical Islamists threaten to attack America and millions cross our border undetected, President Obama and Senator Shaheen have done nothing. Call now and tell Senator Shaheen to stop ignoring our border crisis.

What’s being referred to as the “Secure the Border” ads have not been created for Shaheen alone. No, the Secure America Now PAC responsible for the ads had the bad taste to create ads in a similar manner against three more senators, as well as one congressman – each and every one of them Democrats.

In response to the campaign ad, Shaheen declared in a statement:

This is a disgraceful ad that dishonors the memory of a respected journalist and New Hampshire native. It hurts all who loved and knew Jim, and the people behind this ad owe the Foley family an apology.

Secure America Now has not immediately responded when pressed to comment on their severe lack of respect and tact. Mark that yet another notch in their belt of shame.

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