British Man Hands Out Swastika Trump Golf Balls And The Look On Trump’s Face Is Priceless (VIDEO)

Lee Nelson is a British comedian best known for his high-profile pranks. On Friday, during Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s visit to his infamous golf course in Scotland, Nelson somehow pulled off the prank of a lifetime.

Trump was in the country after he paused his flagging presidential campaign to promote his failing Scottish Turnberry golf course.

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Just after Trump was introduced to speak at the ninth hole, Nelson sprang into action. Wearing a Trump Turnberry sweater the comedian apologized to the billionaire saying:

Sorry Mr Trump. I forgot to hand them out.

The comedian then produced a case of red golf balls with black Nazi swastikas painted on a white center.

The look on Trump’s face was indescribable as security escorted the comedian from the course, but not before he managed to hand out a few balls to the attendees and litter the area with red Nazi balls.

After Nelson’s ejection, Trump returned to the podium to address the crowd, making no mention of the prank.

However, the imagery of Trump speaking on a pristine green golf course littered with red swastika balls will be one the internet will never allow him to forget.

Here’s coverage of the protest:


Featured Image via YouTube.

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