Bristol Palin’s Fiance Leaves Unsecured Handgun Next To Baby Because ‘That’s How We Roll’ (IMAGES)

Bristol Palin sure knows how to pick ’em! Dakota Meyer, a former Marine who was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Obama in 2011, seems to have won the teen abstinence advocate and unwed teenage mother’s heart when he posed with her mother as they attempted to encourage violent right-wing maniacs to attack filmmaker Michael Moore.

Meyer is the perfect fit for the Palin family — He is accused of being “mentally unstable” and a “problem drinker,” embellished the story of his acts that caused him to receive the Medal of Honor, and he sees no problem with leaving an unsecured handgun nearby while he plays with a baby.

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In an Instagram photo, Meyer can be seen playing with an infant while a handgun sits on a table just feet away.


When someone commented on it, he joked, “That’s just how we roll.”

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The official account of Meyers’ heroic actions is that on September 8, 2009 he evacuated 12 people and covered 24 under enemy fire until they escaped insurgents. Meyer certainly performed some heroic acts, but video evidence seems to indicate that he exaggerated his deeds:

The videos add to the findings of an ongoing McClatchy investigation that determined that crucial parts of Meyer’s memoir were untrue, unsubstantiated or exaggerated, as were the Marine Corps and White House accounts of how he helped extract casualties from the valley under fire. The White House and Marine Corps have defended the accuracy of their accounts of Meyer’s actions. The Marine Corps declined to comment on the videos.


The videos aren’t the only new evidence that’s surfaced that disputes crucial events described in the official accounts and in Meyer’s book.

The Army narrative of how Swenson was nominated for the Medal of Honor and Swenson’s comments in the interview undermine the book’s claim that Meyer killed an insurgent with a rock after he’d joined the then-Army captain in an unarmored pickup to recover casualties.

It was Marine Capt. Ademola Fabayo, not Meyer, who rode in the truck with Swenson, according to Swenson and the account posted Thursday on an Army Web page devoted to Swenson’s Medal of Honor. Fabayo was a lieutenant at the time.

“Fabayo and I fought side by side for the entire battle,” Swenson said. “When Fabayo and I returned into that valley in that unarmored truck, he was shooting out of his passenger side window and I was on the radio, driving.”


In addition to finding that key parts of Meyer’s memoir, as well as the Marine Corps and White House accounts of his actions, were embellished, untrue or unsubstantiated, McClatchy’s investigation raised questions about the military awards process, which some lawmakers, military officers and veterans groups say is subject to improper influence and manipulation.

Meyer is the first Marine to be awarded the Medal of Honor, and is the only living recipient — a huge honor. Of course, he’s also the sort of person who would pose with Palin in yet another attempt to cause harm to someone his future mother-in-law hates.

Shortly before Gabby Giffords was shot outside a Tuscon, AZ Safeway, Palin featured her on her “crosshairs map,” which targeted lawmakers who voted for the Affordable Care Act.


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Giffords’ Tea Party opponent took Palin’s violent suggestion a bit further:

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via Gawker

Someone did, indeed, do some shooting — and Giffords was “removed” from office — but the weapon used was a 9mm handgun.

Drawing on that success, Palin attempted to incite right-wing lunatics against Michael Moore, and her future son-in-law joined in the fun.

Fortunately, Moore is still alive. But, of course, any children Palin and Meyer spawn won’t be for long if he continues to be so irresponsible.

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