Bristol Palin: Hillary Clinton Is Super Skeered Of My Powerful Mommy

So far, the most controversial Hillary Clinton email isn’t really controversial at all. Some LGBT people are upset about an email from 2011, where the then Secretary of State objected to a new State Department policy of referring to parents in gender neutral terms.

Image courtesy of Freak Out Nation.

Image courtesy of Freak Out Nation.

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Now, of course I support the idea of gender neutral terminology. Hell, as a writer, I’d do minor bodily damage to myself (I don’t kill, I’m a liberal) to have a gender-neutral alternative to “he” or “she.” Perhaps one day, “ze” will catch on, but for now, it doesn’t even pass spell check.

That being said, you have to look at the email in the context of the political times. Sarah Palin is certainly in the running for whiner-in-chief, especially when it comes to the Obama administration. There is literally nothing he can do to make her happy and I do see Clinton’s reluctance to give Palin and Fox yet another reason to be outraged. Look at how they reacted when a university started using the aforementioned “ze.”

Still, rather than taking the email as a general statement about the state of the GOP, Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol took it as some sort of confession by Clinton that she is afraid of the almighty Palin.

Hillary’s greatest hits just keep coming… and this time, they reveal that she is terrified of my mom!


The liberals like Hillary Clinton would have you believe all sorts of lies about my mother. But, behind closed doors, we find out all sorts of truths, including the fact that Hillary fears my mom’s power.

Source: Patheos

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Putin can see Palin’s head growing from Russia.

Sarah Palin has one power and that is to rile up the right-wing base and now that Donald Trump is in the race, she’s been replaced. Clinton, on the other hand, has had decades of complete media and political scrutiny. It would be inaccurate to say that she fears Palin, but I’m sure she’s annoyed by her and tries not to bait her too much, just as people try not to attract mosquitos.

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