Bristol Palin Has A Meltdown Because Conservatism Is Too Stupid To Be Taken Seriously

For years conservatives have been running around criticizing Facebook and Twitter for having a liberal bias. Imbeciles like Bristol Palin, famous for no good reason, get themselves all in a tizzy when they think the conservative viewpoint is suppressed. Poor Bristol is quite upset, for example, to find out that people in positions that require intelligence choose not to take conservative “news” seriously. It’s not news, for example, when you remove a few seconds of Hillary Clinton from a marathon congressional hearing saying, “what difference does it make,” and turn it into the stresser that sets off the Benghazi stupid. It’s propaganda.

Conservative “news” covers everything from real politics from a conservative viewpoint, which is rare, but the people who actually matter to the Republican party need something to read, to Muslim prayer curtains in the East Room and the invasion of Texas by its own government…for some reason. It’s ridiculous. The right goes from old-school Republican rich guy directly to nitwit incapable of independent thought in the blink of an eye.

Bristol Palin falls into the upper echelon simply because she exists. She comes off so spiritual and caring with her cutesy little Patheos blog and unassuming smile. As a Palin, she has herself painted as the perfect specimen of a human being. So perfect she was magically able to have two children with two different men out-of-wedlock and still remain an expert on abstinence. With all of the hypocrisy and silliness that goes along with being Bristol Palin, her latest freak out makes perfect sense.

Gizmodo ran a story about former Facebook workers who had control of the “trending section.” It was an informative piece that basically said that people called “curators” were in charge of the Facebook trending section, where you can see the top stories overall as well as lists from several categories. One former curator, who was a conservative, said that conservative stories were squashed not by Facebook, but by people who worked there. Bristol turned that into something somewhat different to fuel the fire of conservative idiocy:


Facebook didn’t admit to anything. Bristol doesn’t bother writing anything about this one, she just excerpts an unsourced opinion of the Gizmodo article. Then she makes reference to conservatism being thrown on the trash heap. Sorry, Bristol, but the right is a side-show. You’re a punchline. Facebook wants to enhance the news feeds of its users to include things like truth and reality, not The Muslim Brotherhood camping out in the Lincoln Bedroom or the secret room beneath the secret room where Obama is planning to let all his people in so they can jihad us all. Bristol can’t help herself, though — she is fairly dimwitted.

This is what we call the birth of a scandal. An ex-employee says the curators of the trending section kept garbage from being exposed. The Gizmodo article tells the story from the side of reason, making sure to include that Facebook wasn’t mandating the suppression of anything other than unfit substance as usual. Whoever it is that Palin is quoting is telling a story of a Facebook plot that goes all the way to Zuckerberg and Bristol bought it hook, line and sinker.

Reality is definitely too large a place for Palin’s tiny mind because she then passes on what was an opinion about an article as the propaganda piece “Facebook ADMITS Blah Blah Blah…” How many morons read Bristol’s Patheos blog? Plenty. The news will spread like wildfire now that there’s a credible source. What could be more credible to conservative interests than Bristol Palin?

It should work itself into a tizzy and end in some 1st Amendment petition on All the while Mark Zuckerberg and the people who work for him who are too smart to buy pure crap from the GOP propaganda machine are busy giving not one single f*ck what the conservative “media” thinks. The smart people choose to point at conservatism and laugh and they don’t care about your 1st Amendment rights. Think about that, Bristol. Take all the time you need.

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