Bristol Palin Accused Of Using Fake Pic As ‘Proof’ Of Daughter’s Birth Date (IMAGE)

A very interesting theory has developed online, built from the evidence that the Palins themselves posted to social media, that the family lied about Bristol’s new daughter’s birthdate in order to cover up that Bristol got knocked up from a one night stand in Vegas.

Bristol and the rest of the Palin clan seem to have heard our story. Bristol was VERY upset. So upset that she started an internet fight on her own Instagram.


Bristol’s Deleted Instagram: Credit Charles Topher


Bristol’s Deleted Instagram: Credit Charles Topher

Such class.

Not stopping there, Bristol continued to “prove” that she did not lie about the birth date of her daughter, with the image below which she posted to her Instagram.

Bristol Palin Babygate. Photo: E Online

Bristol Palin Babygate. Photo: E Online

The image was posted as-is in its split format by Bristol herself and was not altered by us, or E online.

Palin commented in the picture:

For all the people saying I gave birth 11/4/15…here is my IV that was started on 12/22/15 when I was admitted, my baby girl was born 12/23/15 stop trying to create controversy where none exists, desperation is the ugliest thing.

Source: E Online

A few casual observations, if you will:

1: Bristol’s IV is in the opposite hand in the picture. You can see the green triangle piece is plainly reversed, as is the hose.

Bristol IV

2: Bristol posted the “proof” of her innocence then immediately deleted it.

Yes, it’s gone from her account. She had the ironclad evidence of her not lying about her child’s birth date and she removed it. Who the hell would do that? Nobody.

3: Sarah Palin posted a picture to her own facebook page of her cuddling her newborn granddaughter while she was in New Orleans, and Bristol was in Alaska


Note the location tag in the upper right corner of the image. Somehow Sarah Palin was in Alaska for the birth of her granddaughter on the 23rd, which happened later than 11:11 am when Bristol took her “proof” picture. She then seems to have immediately bolted from the hospital at 11:12 am, ran home, packed her bags, booked a flight, and flew to New Orleans and was on the ground there 25 hours later.

Yeah, Bristol. We ain’t buying it.

I think that Tea Partiers everywhere should ask the Godmother of their movement to make her daughter release her child’s long-form birth certificate as well as hospital records.

One final note: It is very fashionable for people to say we shouldn’t talk about the Palins. We give them attention or keep them in the media or whatever they want to say. I don’t agree. The Palins keep themselves in the media. They get their own attention. It isn’t our fault they make the choices they do in life. It IS important to point out their immorality and stupidity because the Palins hold sway over a portion of Americans who vote with a high turnout rate. This is the reason that their judgemental hypocrisy needs to be pointed out every chance we can.

Featured image via AOL

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