Brian Stelter Tears Hannity A New One Over Clinton Health Lies; Hannity Meltdown Incoming (VIDEO)

If you are going to spend an entire week baselessly speculating about a candidate’s health, spouting ridiculous “conspiracy theories,” expect some pushback. Brian Stelter, a real journalist, took Sean Hannity — a fear mongering hack — to task for exactly that.

Over the last week, Hannity has brought in so-called “medical experts” with no direct knowledge of Hillary Clinton’s health to level attacks undermining the Democratic nominee. “Weird pauses, coughing fits she has,” and basically every piece of video or photo he could find of her ever looking “off.” From falls to facial expressions, he trafficked in the basest imagery to create speculation that Clinton may be “ill.”

Brian Stelter points out that if you are in the public eye long enough, and Hillary Clinton has been for most of her life, there is going to be questionable, even embarrassing footage captured. Everyone falls, everyone coughs, everyone looks ugly sometimes, just ask Beyonce), drawing that into some faux “medical condition” is below even a Fox News journalist.

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Just as photographs of infinitesimal moments during a performance don’t make a performer ugly in real life, these carefully collected moments don’t make Clinton ill.

As Stelter points out, many of these moments are easily debunked by speaking to those who were there, or asking those who may know. Not asking people who have no idea and are apparently willing to agree with you for a few moments in the spotlight.

Clinton’s doctors have said she is in great health, and even Hannity’s “seizure” bit has been completely debunked. But Hannity doesn’t seem to have any compunctions against rumor-mongering to help his boy Trump. Those who profess to broadcast “news” should hold themselves to a higher standard.

This is “reckless” and, as Stelzer said, “last time I checked Fox still has the word ‘news’ in its name.” However, you know that Hannity is going to be throwing a huge temper tantrum because no one is allowed to hold him to higher journalistic standards.

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