Breitbart Finds Dirt On Loretta Lynch; Wait A Tick, Wrong Loretta Lynch!

Breitbart’s smear campaign against President Obama’s nominee for Attorney General is as dead as Breitbart himself.

In a poorly researched story, the publishing company managed to link Loretta Lynch to the Whitewater debacle, in what they probably thought was a two-birds-with-one-stone slam dunk against the AG nominee and Hillary Clinton:

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The connection to Whitewater ought to provide additional fodder for Republicans during Lynch’s confirmation hearings. It is odd that Obama chose someone so close to the Clintons — or perhaps not, given the prominent role played by Clinton insider John Podesta in the second term of the Obama White House. Lynch has been rewarded throughout her career for her political loyalty — not an unusual path up the career ladder for federal prosecutors, but certainly one that will allow the GOP, as well as Obama, to raise the political stakes.

The problem? Wrong Loretta Lynch. The Loretta Lynch in question is a California Attorney who is most definitely not the Loretta Lynch nominated for the Attorney General position.

Todd Huston of in his hasty research found a 1992 New York Times article that referred to Lynch as one of the Whitewater defense attorneys and a campaign aide. Apparently Huston never considered there might be more than one Loretta Lynch in the U.S.

Now may be the time for conservatives to start a rumor that Lynch voted in North Carolina and California. They have her first and last name to prove it.

With no other tangible garbage to pull out on the AG nominee, Breitbart will have to be content with the fact that conservatives don’t care about facts. We can rest assured that images of Lynch (the correct one) will begin appearing in memes connecting her to Whitewater.

Breitbart posted a retraction today after Media Matters broke the story, leaving them with an empty article. Conservatives will have to be satisfied with the theory of nepotism, because black Presidents almost always nominate only black people to high-ranking jobs.

Just ask John Kerry.

H/T: Media Matters  Image: Media Matters

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