BREAKING: Trump Taps WWE Pro Wrestling League Mogul To Run ‘Small Business Administration’

Donald Trump has reportedly picked Linda McMahon to run the Small Business Administration. If you are familiar with sweaty guys pretending to beat each other in choreographed spectacles the name might sound familiar. McMahon is a pro wrestling magnate who created the WWE with her husband Vince McMahon. Trump knows the family well. He even once appeared at a wrestling event to shave Vince McMahon’s head in the ring.


A few years later 61 million people would vote for this clown to be president.

Linda McMahon was reportedly selected because of her history of backing the Republican Party (she twice even ran for senate herself including in 2012) and because Trump was friends with the family, having had guest spots at numerous wrestling events. McMahon was also an early supporter of Trump’s presidency, another prerequisite for Trump’s attention.


Trump’s announcement, a copy of which was seen by Reuters, said McMahon would be a key player in his effort to generate stronger job growth and roll back federal regulations. He said she had helped the WWE grow from a 13-person operation to a publicly traded global enterprise with more than 800 employees worldwide. Donald Trump is a WWE Hall of Fame member.

And thus the transformation of the presidency from hallowed institution to reality show top prize is complete. It took the nation 240 years to get here, and Trump just a few weeks to reduce it to a complete charade.

Let it sink in.

Featured image via YouTube screengrab

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