BREAKING: Trump Sues To Block Recount In State With Closest Vote Margin In The Election

Donald Trump did what he always does when things aren’t going his way: He filed a lawsuit.

Just days before a review of the Michigan vote totals was set to begin, Trump’s lawyers issued an objection and demanded that the recount be blocked for an indefinite amount of time. (Presumably until after the inauguration where any election dispute would become functionally moot.)

Michigan’s Secretary of State office posted the news on its website:

The Michigan Bureau of Elections today received an objection from representatives of Donald J. Trump regarding the presidential election recount that was filed yesterday by Green Party nominee Jill Stein.

Under Michigan law, the recount is halted when the Board of State Canvassers resolves the objection. The board, which by law must resolve the complaint within five days, is scheduled to consider resolution of the objection tomorrow, Dec. 2. If the objection is not adopted by the board, the recount can commence after the second business day following the board’s decision. If the board adopts the objection, the recount would be ended.

While election experts note that Jill Stein’s effort to get an election audit following the most contentious election in modern history will be a longshot, the fury with which Trump has opposed to effort has made even critics take a second look. Upon learning that there may be a recount, Trump even had a very public meltdown on Twitter, culminating in a now infamous tweet in which he alleged the popular vote (which he lost by close to 2.7 million votes) was “stolen” from him by “illegal” voters.

The unhinged response makes it seem as though he has something to hide if election auditors were to go digging into the votes.

Michigan was decided by just 10,000 votes. It’s the closet state in the country and ranks among the narrowest in modern history.

With so much riding on the results – including the possibility that Donald Trump, a reality tv star with a history of sexual misconduct and tax evasion, becoming the leader of the free world, it’s understandable that people would want to ensure that the election really did go down in a legitimate way. Stein, whose motives in all of this remain unclear, had no trouble raising over $7 million to fund the election recount in three key battleground states.

The fact that Trump has decided he would rather keep the legitimacy of the election in question speaks volumes.

Featured image via Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

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