BREAKING: Trump Just Gave Veterans A Huge Middle Finger With Sarah Palin Job Announcement

Donald Trump’s cabinet is slowly taking shape, horrifying though it may be. Every time you think it can’t possibly get worse, it somehow does. Such is the case today. Trump is actually considering picking village idiot Sarah Palin to serve as Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

According to ABC News, Trump is thinking about choosing the former half-term governor of Alaska to head up the VA.

Palin has been a strong supporter of Trump and, just like so many of Trump’s supporters, she is a well-established moron. Her most recent experience with veterans was when her own son, Track Palin, who is a veteran himself, beat the sh*t out of his girlfriend and started waving around an AR-15 while threatening to kill himself.

His mom’s response was to blame the incident on PTSD from his military service and Obama. Because of course it’s Obama’s fault. Everything is Obama’s fault.

Palin had reportedly been under consideration for interior secretary. Twitter’s response to the news on Wednesday was pretty much what you would expect under the circumstances.

Yup. That seems to pretty much sum it up, doesn’t it?

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images

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