BREAKING: The Military Is Not A Fan Of Trump Or His White Nationalist Base, According To New Poll

It can be very easy to assume that the vast, vast majority of our troops share most of Trump’s views – after all, he’s their commander-in-chief, he’s a Republican, and the military tends to lean more right than left anyway. That may not be the case, though. A new poll shows a growing number of our troops have a different idea than Trump of who poses the largest threat to America. It’s not the drug cartels. It’s not radical Islamic terrorism.

It’s Trump and his own base – the white nationalists. A full 30 percent of those polled said white nationalism is a significant national security risk. By contrast, only 27 percent said that about Syria, 25 percent about Pakistan, 22 percent about Afghanistan, and 17 percent about Iraq. While Trump has denounced racism, he’s been slow to condemn white nationalist groups like actual Nazis and the KKK, even saying that there were “very fine people” among those groups. He has, however, been quick to condemn the other side, while our troops see the Nazis and other white nationalists for what they really are.

Also telling is how many troops see white nationalism as a major threat, versus a moderate or a small threat. 30.3 percent say it’s a significant threat, while only 21.4 percent say it’s a moderate threat, 3.1 percent say it’s a small threat, and 17.5 percent say it’s no threat at all. Even worse for Trump and his white nationalist base is the fact that so many see white nationalism as a threat compared to civil disobedience and counter-protests.

Furthermore, 42 percent of non-white troops say they’ve personally witnessed or experienced white nationalism at work in their units. Only 18 percent of white troops say the same thing. Gee, we can’t imagine why that would be.

While Trump himself is pretty popular among enlisted troops, officers, women and minorities have a much lower opinion of him. Overall, roughly 40 percent of our troops have an unfavorable opinion of him, while only 44 percent have a favorable view. Among officers, though, that number drops to 30 percent, which is worse than the general population’s view of him.

A 44 percent overall approval rating from the military is a sharp contrast to how our troops felt about our last Republican president. George W. Bush enjoyed approval ratings as high as 71 percent among the troops. Even though that faded as the Iraq war dragged on, and on, and on ad infinitum, his support among the troops still hovered around 55 to 60 percent.

The military’s view of President Obama at the end of his term was mixed: While they didn’t like his decisions to shrink the size of the military or his decision to withdraw forces from Iraq, more than 60 percent liked his use of drones and special forces for precision strikes. They think that kind of thing actually improved our national security. But even in 2014, when military support for Obama had cratered, it was still more mixed.

Overall, the military’s final view of President Obama is similar to how they currently feel about Trump, which has to hurt given that we’ve known forever that the military wasn’t a fan of Obama. Compared to W., though, Trump is just a massive failure in their eyes. What a stinging blow to the man who thinks he’s the greatest gift this country has ever seen.

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