BREAKING: Former Speaker Dennis Hastert Indicted For Shady Pay Offs Involving Millions (VIDEO)

Allegedly, the “Hastert Rule” isn’t the only damage Dennis Hastert has caused on this planet. Hastert, former Speaker of the House of Representatives and lobbyist since 2008, has been indicted on federal charges related to over 3.5 million dollars in potential transactions since 2010.

According to CNBC:

“Former Speaker of the House John Dennis Hastert was charged Thursday with attempting to evade banks’ reporting requirements and lying to the FBI about his actions.

“He was charged with structuring a cash withdrawal of $952,000 so as to get around the rule that banks must report such transactions over $10,000. The charges also allege that he lied to the FBI about his actions.”

The payments appear to be part of a scheme that Hastert would eventually be expected to withdraw about 3.5 million dollars in order to cover up an unknown “prior misconduct” by Hastert against an unnamed individual in the indictment. The reasons for the payments are unknown.

What is known, according to the indictment, is that Hastert was making withdrawals of $50,000 every six weeks up through around 2012, when he was confronted by authorities from the FBI. After that, Hastert began making withdrawals more frequently for amounts of less than $10,000 but still maintained the payments of 50K to “individual A” every six weeks. After some more time, the meetings changed to have $100,000 exchanged every three months.

Whatever Hastert was attempting to cover up, it must have been big — $3,500,000 big. Big enough that he felt the need to continue them after being confronted about the money. The indictment also states that the individual has been known to Hastert for most of his life. The gender of the unknown individual is also unknown.

Watch this report from AP, HERE:


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