BREAKING: AR Passes Bill That Ends Protections For LGBTQ Americans Because ‘They Don’t Deserve Special Rights’ (VIDEO)

Arkansas lawmaker introduces legislation that ends all protections for the LGBT community permanently — it passed.

Thinly disguised as a “jobs” bill, an Arkansas lawmaker introduced an emergency bill to the AR State Senate that essentially would end all protections for the LGBT community because the lawmaker feels it’s unfair that homosexuals should have more rights than him.

The bill, SB202, named the Intrastate Commerce Improvement Act seeks to remove non-discrimination ordinances for the LGBT community because Hester says these special rights are hurting job growth and business in his state. Plus, he’s such a huge fan of equality he just doesn’t think it’s right for homosexuals to have more rights than he has as a straight man.

The bill states it’s an emergency and must be passed immediately to improve jobs in Arkansas’s 75 counties, 500 cities and towns because bigoted uniformity is an absolute “necessity” to bring business to the state.

SB202 says:

Therefore, an emergency is declared to exist, and this act being immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health, and safety.

Because somehow protections for the LGBT community in this state is creating a safety issue?

Freshman Republican Senator Bart Hester says anyone can be singled out and discriminated against, saying:

I am singled out because I’m a politician. I am singled out because I am married to one woman. I want everyone in the LGBT community to have the same rights I do. I do not want them to have special rights that I do not have.

Yes, really.

Unfortunately, the bill was passed earlier today and the Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson is expected to sign it when it comes across his desk.

This bill strikes down all protections for homosexuals permanently in the workplace and leave them no legal recourse should they experience any sort of discrimination.

Of course, Hester ignores the fact that if discrimination weren’t a huge problem for the LGBT community in the first place there would be no need for special protections. The fact remains that the religious right and other bigots have a hard-on for homosexuals and treat them more unfairly than the straight population merely because these people are different.

Hester is no friend to the LGBT population in his state. In 2014, Hester is seen speaking at the Josh Dugger’s Rally for True Marriage organized by The Family Research Council.

Hester says during his speech:

Marriage is between a man and woman.

Evil does not become good, wrong does not become right, and lies do not become truth, just because a few accept it. And we all know what truth is.


The truth is, Arkansas hopes to make their state as volatile as possible for the LGBT community which would undoubtedly force them to live elsewhere if they can’t find work, housing or become targeted in crimes, which somehow improves commerce for this state.

The Arkansas ACLU, Holly Dickinson told Buzzfeed:

[The bill is] designed to permit as much discrimination as possible in the state.

Once the governor signs the bill, protections for the LGBT community will end in this state unless the Supreme Court decides to make homosexuals a protected class in this country. Until then, bigotry prevails.

H/T: The New Civil Rights Movement | Photo: 5 News Online

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