Bradley Cooper Just Laughed In The Faces Of Those ‘Outraged’ That He Went To The DNC (VIDEO)

The real world isn’t something conservatives tend to live in.

They went into a little tizzy last week when it was discovered that one of their idols, American Sniper Chris Kyle, had come back from the dead and attended the Democratic National Convention. They couldn’t for the life of them wrap their heads around how someone who hated Muslims enough to enlist in sniper school just to kill a whole bunch of them could possibly show his face where criminal terrorists like Barack Hussein Obama and the woman who personally murdered four people in Benghazi, “Killary” Clinton, were scheduled to appear.

In the real world, Bradley Cooper, Democrat and actor, went to the DNC and in what could be an even more crushing blow than simply showing up there, described to James Corden how amazing it was to see Obama speak and what an incredible president he thinks he is.

Not until after he and War Dogs director Todd Phillips laughed in the face of buffoonery:

Looks like there will be a shortage of gun-toting imbeciles for the next Hangover movie.

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