Deranged School Board President Refuses To Resign Over Racist YouTube Rants (VIDEO)

Since discovering School School Board President Brad Rigler’s bizarre collection of racist YouTube rants in early October, over 600 Fairfield, Penn. parents have petitioned for his removal.

21 News reports Rigler refuses to leave gracefully. Last week, he teased parents by claiming he was ready to resign, then later changed his mind. Three school board members took their cue from the parents and pressed for Rigler to resign, but their motion failed.

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On Monday night, Rigler declared:

“Those old commentaries that I produced if they in anyway offended anyone I am sorry that they are offended but now I’m moving forward.”

Rigler’s blocked access to his YouTube channel, but some of his 170-video oeuvre remains on the Web. The following deranged prank call — in which Rigler attempts to sell slave reparations insurance for white people — explains why parents feel so angry and offended.

And, by some accounts, this might be among the least offensive of Rigler’s YouTube posts. In another video, he blasts Congress for apologizing for slavery back in 2008.

“Slavery, as archaic and barbaric as it is, is also responsible for the creation of the African American citizens that Congress is supposed to serve.”

The embattled school board president claims the videos “no longer represent how he feels,” but if that’s true, why didn’t he delete them instead of just marking them “private?”

21 News reports on Rigler.

Here’s the video with a report from 21 News.

Featured image: Video screen grab via deleted YouTube video.

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