Bombshell: McCarthy Allegedly Pulled Out Of Speaker Race Due To Affair With Colleague

Are Republicans are so dead set on proving gay marriage is ruining regular marriage, that they are starting to have intentional affairs with each other to prove they are right? It seems so.

Kevin McCarthy has been lauded by many as the next Speaker of the House, despite the fact he seems unable to speak properlyHowever, now he has another big problem that somehow is not surprising at all, being the Republican that he is. Kevin McCarthy now is being accused of having an affair with fellow Republican, Renee Ellmers.

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The party of “Family Values,” who preach incessantly about the “sanctity of marriage” and “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” just can’t seem to stop being total hypocrites about literally everything they yammer on about.

Mediaite reported that government IP addresses were recorded making edits to Renee Ellmers Wikipedia page, accusing her of an affair with McCarthy. This on its own looked suspicious, however Mediaite was able to source this additionally from Breitbart, and an exclusive piece from GotNews.

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Catholic Online also picked up on the story after McCarthy’s announcement, and quoted “Washington insiders” for their sources that link McCarthy and Ellmers together and as a possible reason for his withdrawal from the Speaker’s race. Catholic Online also notes that an “unknown insider” is “circulating a surveillance video on Capitol Hill, of him dining with Ellmers in an intimate setting.

We know McCarthy is the guy that let the cat out of the bag on the endless Benghazi investigations being all about political attacks to lower Hillary’s popularity, rather than getting to “the truth” as they keep claiming. And, we also know he is probably the worst actual speaker (George W. Bush spoke more eloquently and this is no exaggeration.) ,that they could possibly choose. However now it seems that this finally tipped the scales for McCarthy, seeing as he has also withdrawn from consideration for Speaker of the House.

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McCarthy and Ellmers have denied the affair allegations, which are claiming that the two have been carrying on their affair since 2011.

Featured Image via Examiner screen capture

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