Boehner Screws The Middle Class Out Of $2000 Tax Cut, Saves 1%ers Billions

House Speaker John Boehner, proving yet again that he cares not one bit about average Americans, shot down a proposal from House Democrats that would have put $2000 into the pockets of couples earning less than $200k a year.

According to the Washington Post, the proposed tax cut would have gone a long way towards addressing income inequality:

The centerpiece of the proposal, set to be unveiled Monday by Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), is a “paycheck bonus credit” that would shave $2,000 a year off the tax bills of couples earning less than $200,000. Other provisions would nearly triple the tax credit for child care and reward people who save at least $500 a year.

The windfall — about $1.2 trillion over a decade — would come directly from the pockets of Wall Street “high rollers” through a new fee on financial transactions, and from the top 1 percent of earners, who would lose billions of dollars in lucrative tax breaks.

Boehner made it abundantly clear that he wouldn’t allow such an atrocity to come to a vote, defending his actions by calling the measure “another tax hike in an already broken tax code.”

Tax hike?  It’s a fee hike on financial transactions and an end to loopholes exploited by the wealthy.  Boehner likes to refer to the House of Representatives as “the People’s House,” yet anything that comes to the floor that might help the people is quickly dismissed as just another leftist giveaway.

Boehner and his cronies had no problem approving a $440 Billion tax break for corporations last month.  Maybe he should reconsider the nickname and try “the corporate personhood house.”

Being out of touch with the American people and blocking anything that might cost their campaign donors a shiny nickel has become such commonplace that this kind of news isn’t all that surprising, but that doesn’t make it any less disgusting.

It hasn’t taken long for the Republican-controlled congress to show their true colors, and hopefully America is watching.

H/T: Politicus | Image: Business Insider

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