Boehner Pretends To Care About Veterans For Memorial Day , Facebook Users Aren’t Buying It (SCREENSHOTS)

According to an article published by The Hill yesterday, Congressional House Speaker John Boehner berated the Department of Veterans’ Affairs for not processing claims of Veterans fast enough. This comes just before Memorial Day weekend. Boehner is quoted as saying:

This isn’t run-of-the-mill incompetence. It’s arrogance. And it’s arrogance that allows our veterans to be lied to, ignored, and frankly left to die.

Apparently Boehner is concerned that some VA employees that were trying to conceal the reason for the delays were often transferred, retired, or put on paid leave. In response to this, The Hill also quotes Boehner as saying:

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If only the Veterans Administration did half as good a job of taking care of the bureaucrats as they do our veterans, we’d be in a lot better shape.

Boehner’s comments are ludicrous at best, since he is basically the King of Killing Veterans Programs and Benefits. And that is not lost on the commenters to this article on The Hill’s Facebook page. Boehner might think he’s fooling people but there’s this really nifty tool available to modern society called “the Internet” and another one called “Google”. And you can look things up. Like voting records. Boehner’s, and the Republicans in general. And the Internet NEVER forgets.

Unfortunately, when it came time to voting last November, way too many people forgot to do so and we’re stuck with Boehner and the GOP-led Congress. Fortunately, this may have woken a sleeping giant. Social media strikes back!

The people commenting on the thread have a few choice words for Boehner. To truly help honor our veterans this Memorial Day, let’s help get their unfiltered message to him:

Boehner VA Comments 1Boehner VA Comments 2Boehner VA Comments 3Boehner VA Comments 4Boehner VA Comments 5


Go to The Hill’s facebook page to see the full thread.

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