Boehner Hypocrisy: Obama ‘Should Condemn’ Human Rights Violations – In Cuba, Not Israel (VIDEO)

Speaker John Boehner pulled one of the most blatant episodes of Republican hypocrisy ever on Thursday evening when he posted this on his Facebook page:

President Obama should condemn the recent attacks on supporters of Cuban democracy. The United States should and must always stand on the side of human rights and democracy against communist tyranny.

Republicans, especially John Boehner, have been opposed to the President’s position on Cuba.  The issue isn’t a difficult one to dissect- If you give up the failed policies of the last fifty years and move forward with new ideas, maybe something positive will come of it.

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Boehner doesn’t like it when the President tries to negotiate peace and good will between nations.  His post is an obvious reference to the upcoming Latin summit, where President Obama might meet with President Raul Castro to discuss ending the sanctions against Cuba.

Human rights will probably be on the President’s list, Mr. Speaker.  Go back to doing nothing, he’s got this.

Boehner’s hypocrisy comes at a time when tensions in the Middle East have the attention of the entire world.  The Speaker’s new best bud, Bibi Netanyahu, has decided a hard-lined stance and a flip-flop on the two-state solution is the best way to deal with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu seems to enjoy the American conservative stance that all Muslims are terrorists, showing little regard for the collateral damage caused when rockets hit schools and platoons of soldiers in body armor push back crowds of peaceful demonstrators.

That’s all OK though because…Cuba.  Yes, there are issues in Cuba, and yes, the President is on top of it.  John Boehner needs to stop telling the President what to do, stop plotting with foreign leaders to usurp the President’s authority, and stop running for office.

People are tired of the orange look.

Have a peek at this, Speaker Boehner.  Then ask yourself who should be talking about human rights.

Featured Image: Facebook

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