Boehner Gets Humiliated On Twitter For His ‘War On Hillary’ (SCREENSHOTS)

John Boehner has a new hobby. Considering he can’t lead worth a damn and couldn’t legislate his way out of a paper bag, Boehner has decided to waste the next year and a half attacking Hillary Clinton instead.

Taking up arms on Twitter, Boehner’s little “war on Hillary” as I like to call it is nothing more than a rehashing of BEBGHAZI! coupled with talk of Emails about BENGHAZI! so he can get to the truth about BENGHAZI!

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The truth is the only people who are still listening to this rhetoric are extreme right-wingers who hate Boehner because he’s a “RINO.” The “Republican in name only” is either trying to pander to those fools, or he has someone really dimwitted running his Twitter account, because people from all walks of life have taken to telling the orange one just where to go and what to do when he gets there.

Here’s a peek at the kinds of things Boehner has been tweeting lately:

Why?  Because it’s not new.  It’s a compilation of old “evidence” that comes from a different source.  Because, BENGHAZI!

Maybe you should have another goal here, John.  Maybe you should stop trying to sell our future, privatize our schools and repeal our health care.  Also, please stop running for office.

Why yes, yes she does. She turned over everything that was public, and what’s private is none of your f*cking business. Anyone with half of the 60 IQ points you possess can see that trying to get into the Clintons’ private server is nothing but a fishing trip you’re hoping will land one or two of those juicy gossip trout.

Sigh.  And over and over and over and over again. Nevermind, John. It’s time to see what the people really think of you.  This wouldn’t be nearly as funny if I had to cherry-pick tweets calling you names. I don’t. People overwhelmingly find you repugnant. It’s astounding that you continue to get re-elected. Oh, that’s right. Ohio has gerrymandered you into our lives for years to come.

Some of my favorites:




You especially have to love the guy who linked him to the congressional intelligence reports. Bravo.  It’s not over yet:



It seems people just really don’t like you, John. Do you have the retirement village van gassed up for the next election? Even with the gerrymandering things might not be looking good for you.

That was from just the one tweet!

It would be like kicking a dead horse with BENGHAZI! written on it to continue, so in the interest of fair play, let’s do just that.  Random replies from another random BENGHAZI! post:



Are you getting the picture, Mr. Speaker?  No?  One more for good measure:



John Boehner, the people have spoken. Shut the f*ck up, do your job or go home.


All tweets and images are public posts on John Boehner’s Twitter account

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