Bobby Jindal Says Bush Was ‘Best President Since Ronald Reagan’

To measure a man look no further than his heroes

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal made an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss the $1.6 billion dollar budget shortfall in his state, common core and college tuition.

Jindal also said he was seriously thinking about running for President — because a floundering state due to failed leadership by the governor somehow translates to successfully running the country in Conservative land.

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And to give us all an idea of where his mind is at, Mark Halperin asked the Louisiana governor who he thought was the best President since the conservative’s darling Ronald Reagan.

I’ll give you a hint: This President almost choked to death on a pretzel.

This was the exchange:

Halperin: Just to give people a sense of your leadership judgement and views, who’s been the best American president since Ronald Reagan and why?

Jindal: Well obviously I think Ronald Reagan was the best.

Halperin: Since Ronald Reagan.

Jindal: Since Reagan we’ve had two republicans and two democrats, there are pros and cons. I think George W. Bush did an admirable job protecting our country against the threat, after 9/11, his presidency was largely defined about keeping us safe of international terrorism.

Never mind the lying to get America involved in a war in Iraq, or the fact that America was attacked under Bush’s watch despite numerous warnings that there would be an attack. Never mind that Bush devastated the country with his failed economic policy that lead to one of the greatest recession’s in our nation’s history. Or never mind the slow and questionable response to Hurricane Katrina which devastated Jindal’s home state.

Jindal did criticize the former Texan President as having made some folly domestic spending decision and that he didn’t agree with the “No Child Left Behind” bill, and his failures with Medicaid but went on to say:

Ultimately President Bush’s presidency was redefined because of what happened on 9/11. His first and primary responsibility was to keep us safe, he did that. I know there were a lot of criticisms of his administration, his poll numbers weren’t great when he left, but you have to give him credit, he responded to the biggest challenge of our day.

No interview with a member of the GOP would be complete without bashing President Obama.

Jindal said on the topic of Obama:

I obviously think Obama is the most radical, most liberal, most ideologically extreme President in terms of growing the size of government.

Because not turning our country upside down economically is somehow radical. Fixing our utterly broken health care system was extreme, and supporting women, minorities and homosexuals is just too liberal for Jindal’s blood.

Jindal has a very slim chance of even making it to actually run for President, as Jeb Bush polls much higher, but Jindal may be equally thrilled to see another Bush in the White House.

As for the sane half of the country, we remember what happened with a Bush in office, and we remember that Bush brand leadership spells utter disaster. So Jindal can keep his hero.

\Watch Jindal on Morning Joe.

H/T: Crooks and Liars | Photo: MSNBC (Screen Capture)

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