Bobby Jindal Latest GOP Candidate To Be Hilariously Humiliated On Twitter (SCREENSHOTS)

LGBTQ-hating Duck Dynasty favorite Bobby “Stop Being The Stupid Party” Jindal could be the dullest candidate running for President in 2016. But that didn’t stop him from going on Twitter with #AskBobby prior to his scheduled town hall meeting in Iowa. The hashtag was intended to create questions for the Town Hall meeting, but it soon became clear that they wouldn’t be able to use the questions they were receiving.

Apparently Bobby Jindal, much like Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio and other GOP candidates, don’t really realize how the internet works. It’s really super easy to google stuff, all the ammunition is literally right at everyone’s fingertips… oh… and the internet never forgets.

Apparently they were trying to do something similar to what Bernie Sanders did with an “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. Only things worked well for Bernie Sanders. who received intelligent questions and gave the questioners straight answers.

Whomever is running Bobby Jindal’s campaign should probably be fired (or given a medal, depending on how you look at it) for today’s entertainment.  Let’s start with my personal favorite:

katie rogers

Let’s hope not any time soon, Katie. Because this is just too much fun…

aaron wolfe

Another really good question.


Silly question. Everyone knows that the saddle was invented in 365AD.

No one wanted to be left out of the fun. Everyone else jumps in and let’s ‘er rip:

askbobby 1askbobby 2askbobby 3askbobby 4askbobby 5askbobby 6askbobby 7askbobby 8


These are unedited, and it’s clear that most (if not all) people responding to the request for questions–and I’m assuming that it was  broadcast to people that they though would be supporting Jindal–think he’s an idiot. What are Bobby Jindal and his campaign thinking?

Radio Iowa reports that the dullest candidate in the race said earlier today, in anticipation of the evening’s town hall:

I’m here to win Iowa. I’m here to win not just Iowa. Our plan is to win every state and win the election. I don’t know why anytbody would get in the race for president unless they were getting in it to win it.

(Good point since Jindal has virtually zero chance to win the state or the election. Could it be fundraising?)

In any case, this election cycle is proving to be comedy gold!

Featured image from Twitter.

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