WATCH: Bobby Jindal’s Insulting Video About Donald Trump Is Friggin’ Hysterical (VIDEO)

Let’s face it: Bobby Jindal is probably the worst candidate for president on the slate. Under his term as governor, Louisiana has plummeted to mayhem in all possible categories: economy, employment, uninsured, health, education, income, crime, incarceration, environment – you name it and Louisiana is now worst, or close to it, in all of them.

On the plus side, though, that little guy has himself one helluva sense of humor! His campaign just released a comical assault on Republican frontrunner Donald Trump that is both funny as hell and 100-percent accurate, too.

Yes, The Donald is egotistical and egotrumpical, stumbling over the love he pours out onto himself. But he’s got lotsa love for all you little people, too. That’s probably the most frequently used word in all of his addresses to date, after all. And that’s what Jindal’s video focuses on. See it for yourself:


Jindal also tore into Trump in a Viagra-laden address to the National Press Club on September 10, the same day the video was released. The direct insults Jindal made included classics, like calling Trump a “non-serious, unstable, substance-free narcissist” who is “almost as fun as Don Rickles.”

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While the address was also rather humorous, it’s not clear if Jindal intended it to be that way. And since that little guy is coming in last in the polls, it’s unlikely to help him any, either.

Featured image via video released by Jindal for President

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