Bloom County Creator Offers Donald Trump $2M To Prove His Hair Doesn’t Come From His Dog (IMAGE)

The best news to come out of this political season is that “Bloom County” is back after a quarter century hiatus.

While many of the recent cartoons have been about the changes in the world since the cartoon last published, the cartoon’s creator, Berkeley Breathed, seems especially motivated by the Donald Trump campaign. He’s released several cartoons already about Trump:


And what Trump cartoon would be complete without making fun of Trump’s cartoonish hair (well, everything about Trump is cartoonish, but we’ll start with the hair), which Breathed seems convinced is from the Trump family Lhasa Apso, Golden Tinkles (actually, Trump has a labrador named Spinee):


Oh, but it gets better. Breathed is now offering $2M, from Mark Cuban’s bank account (something makes me think Cuban would be okay with that) if Trump will get a DNA test proving that his hair isn’t related to Golden Tinkles.

OPEN LETTER TO FUTURE PRESIDENT TRUMP: We and America call upon you to produce lab evidence proving NO shared DNA between your head fur and your family Lhasa Apso, Goldy Tinkles. If such documentation is thus provided, the Really Loaded Friends of Bloom County will deliver a check for $2 million dollars to your known favorite charity. We wouldn’t joke about this.


We don’t know if billionaire Mark Cuban is really one of the “Really Loaded Friends of Bloom County,” but we do know that the two billionaires have had a long-running feud. In 2012, Cuban issued Trump a dare to shave his head for $1 million for charity. Trump didn’t take him up on it. Just the other day, Cuban cast doubt on Trump’s wealth and today, he said he almost wishes Trump would win, but only because everything Trump says and does would be public domain if he were President and Trump would be forced to stop being so sue happy.

Images courtesy of Berkeley Breathed Facebook page.

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