Blame Hillary: Trump Surrogate Literally Blames Systemic Racism On Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

After effusive praise for her candidate, Donald Trump’s lackluster, cantankerous debate loss, a Trump surrogate blew the minds of CBS panelists with her claim that Hillary Clinton is to blame for Stop and Frisk.

Donald Trump and his surrogates really don’t seem to have a very good handle on what most thinking human beings would deem “reality.” Realities like no one person can be to blame for institutional racism in the United States and Stop and Frisk doesn’t work, especially. Katrina Peirson is no exception, she rather seems like “Exhibit A.”

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In response to questions by a CBS panel on why Trump was pushing the failed Stop and Frisk program on the country, Pierson said that it worked (though gave only a vague “and there is evidence” as proof of that) and that racism is Hillary’s fault. As Trump said in the debate, “why not,” just blame Hillary for everything.

Oh, and profiling minorities isn’t racist, either, because it is profiling criminals, not necessarily “races.” Seriously, Pierson’s meandering word salad not only made it clear that (despite being found unconstitutional and ineffective over and over again) Stop and Frisk is just “criminal profiling. It was a wrong statement; it shows a perverse acceptance of race as the basis for criminality.

But the reason why… it hit an ugly, sour, note: that the need to profile minorities is because of Hillary Clinton, who single-handedly, programmed the United States to see black youth as criminals. Stop and Frisk works, according to Pierson, because Hillary created superpredators by using the term one time decades ago.

“[Stop and Frisk] actually did work in New York, but we have to get down to why, because that’s why we’re here today. We have two candidates who have very different views. The reason why we have this problem, the reason why stop-and-frisk was implemented, was there were disparities with regard to who people were pulling over. And it’s profiling, criminal profiling, not necessarily racial profiling, even though it comes across that way. But the reason why we had it was that we had the First Lady of the United States who went out on the national stage and dehumanized young black children… this has been the conditioning of the American public where black children have been demonized, Hillary Clinton owns that.”

Watch for yourself:

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