Binder-Buster Mitt Romney 47 Percent Sure He Is Running For President In 2016 (VIDEO)

Get your binders full of women ready – Mitt Romney is talking to donors about a potential run for the presidency in 2016. The master of off-shore banking told a group of roughly 30 long-devoted supporters Friday that he is mulling over the move.

Romney said in what was a private meeting in New York:

Everybody in here can go tell your friends that I’m considering a run.

That sounds about 47 percent more likely than simple consideration. You don’t tell your longtime donors to start spreading the mustard unless you’re prepared to make a sandwich.

And by the looks of it, Romney’s been “considering” a run for a little while now.

According to Politico, this meeting with donors was called nearly a month ago, already. Considering the shift in power toward Republicans since the last election, it’s easy to see why Myth Romney thinks the third time might complete his political charm bracelet.

Among those present at the meeting were financiers Patrick Durkin and Alex Nabab. Nabab was also recently spotted at a Jeb Bush event, who is also already positioning himself for a presidential run after stepping down from all of his boards recently. It was Romney’s testing the waters with donors that helped lead Bush to move as quickly as he has in entering the race. That should also help illustrate just how long Romney’s been “considering” a run for the White House. Additionally, some of Bush’s allies have grown irritated that certain donors have yet to open their purse-strings to Bush because they are waiting with bated breath to see if Romney would throw his bid into the ring, and it looks like he probably will be.

Let’s face it, unless something unforeseen changes the political dynamic in the near future, folks can pretty much bank on Romney’s blank stare and plastic smile in the race. After all, Republicans don’t have any party stars on the same popularity and approval rating as Hillary Clinton. Both Republicans and Romney would most likely feel Romney is their best shot at the office of President of the United States in 2016.

Bush and Romney, of course, are already circling each other in order to see who is the biggest shark in the water. The two are busy attempting to distinguish themselves from each other as much as they can. Bush claims he won’t cave to Tea Party hostage-taking antics and has voiced criticism of Romney for allowing Democrats to paint a negative picture of him in the 2012 race. Romney, on the other hand, correctly asserts that Bush will, of course, face similar criticism, and has also begun to ironically dredge up Bush’s numerous business ties (as if Romney is free and clean of such an argument, himself).

Either way it pans out, it’s hard to believe either could be much of a match for Hillary. Love or hate her, she’s a Democratic powerhouse with a hell of a support base.

Besides, do you really want a president named Mitt, or Jeb?

H/T: Politico | Featured Image: WikiMedia

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